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It's vital to choose the right container for your export cargo if you want to ensure that it arrives safely. Nauka has a dedicated crew to handle all types of non-containerized and out-of-gauge freight. Please contact our Local / Agent's office, who will supply you with the necessary information and solutions to ensure the safe carriage of your cargo. OOG or Specific Cargo refers to non-standard over-dimensional and out-of-gauge containers/flat racks that require special handling gear in addition to the normal ISO Quay Crane spreader and necessitate manual intervention at the place of stow. This includes the additional time, skill, cargo care, and risk associated with the use of specialised equipment. Attachments such as legs (chains) and elephant feet into the corner castings on the unit to be handled are examples of specialised equipment. This type of unit should be stowed on deck.


Selecting the correct Container for export cargo is critical for ensuring safe carriage of your cargo. NAUKA has a specialised team to handle all kinds of Out of gauge / Un-containerised cargo. Please liaise with our Local / Agent's office who will provide you the correct guidance and solutions for safe carriage of your cargo Non-standard over dimensional and out of gauge containers/flat racks are defined as OOG or Special Cargo; units which require special handling devices in addition to the standard ISO Quay Crane spreader and requires manual intervention at point of stow. This covers the use of specialised equipment as well as the additional time, expertise and cargo care and risk involved. Specialised equipment includes, but is not limited to, use of attachments such as legs (chains) and elephant feet into the corner castings on the unit to be handled. Units of this type should be stowed on deck The execution is controlled by specifically designed in-house processes according to uniform guidelines to ensure safe transportation of your commodity.


NAUKALINE’S dedicated reefer specialists will ensure that your cargo is shipped under the most precise temperature control from origin to destination. Reefer containers preserve even the most delicate cargo in the perfect condition Below are instructions which needs to be followed for NAUKALINES REEFER BOOKINGS by respective NAUKALINES Booking offices, Depots, Exporters, NAUKA Transhipment & destination offices.


We have our own offices in major ports of India and an excellent expeditious agency network in all major countries. Our objective is to provide customer-centric, seamless, cost-effective and quality services. At Nauka, we are constantly striving to widen and grow our operations and services to deliver better and more dependable business solutions to our customers.



Our target is to develop a long term relationship with all our business partners. At the same time,We look forward to the future with confidence to be a leading global service provider of integrated logistics, committed to excellence and customer-centric logistic solutions. Our Mission is to remain as your most trusted logistics partner providing high-quality services with the experience and knowledge to help navigate your way to success.



Our objective is to provide customized, cost-effective, seamless, hassle-free and quality end-to-end solutions to domestic and international markets. We are proud to have an innovative, experienced and professional staff who are the secret of our success. We deliver you quality and value, a service for your betterment.



As a company, we look to our guiding principles, values and beliefs to be a leading global service provider of integrated logistics, committed to excellence and customer-centric logistic solutions. We endeavour to ensure quality services and the flexibility of our customers. We believe in the spirit of teamwork. Therefore, we serve society with honesty and integrity. We acknowledge the value of everyone's work and stand together with our clients and staff.

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